Revoluationary LED Lighting Fixtures.

Cool Efficient Lighting is a technology and method of using specific colors of light to achieve a desired result efficiently as possible........

Cool and efficient light providing consistent, constant, controlled, wavelength specific and directional illumination. The cool efficient light (CEL for short) emits the wanted wavelengths of light directionally while dissipating the heat through the reflector. The light output can be smooth and not pulsed leading to a higher ratio of light over time. Choosing the right emitters for the intended use it is possible to emit wanted wavelengths of light in the wanted place with minimal extra radiation such as heat or UV rays.

Plants are most sensitive to red and blue light while our eyes are most sensitive to green light. Most green light is reflected away by the green leaf and helps us see the plants better. After we learn what light is needed we can use CEL to generate the needed light information with out wasting power on unused frequencies of light. In other words we need a different color spectrum of light to see than plants need to grow easily. Different processes require different types and colors of light. Now that we know what kind of light information is needed we can implement CEL technology and efficiently generate the right kind of light without wasting energy.

In example you can collect full spectrum sunlight with a solar system then use that electricity to generate only the usable light we need instead of an inefficient system where a broad spectrum of unused and often harmful radiation is emitted leading to large amounts of energy being consumed. This means that you can use renewable energy resources to make light that will help you live a better and healthier life.

Current lighting methods, including the sun, radiate a broad assortment of different wavelengths across the electromagnetic spectrum and extending into and in some cases past the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum. Humans, animals and plants do not need this entire spectrum to live and grow and furthermore certain wavelengths can be harmful to life. Current lighting fixtures can be wavelength specific but often the wrong wavelength is used or there is not enough of the needed wavelengths proportionally to the unneeded wavelengths such as heat. Also makers of lighting fixtures often use modulation to drive the illuminator electronically. RTG CEL uses direct current to drive the emitter and therefore there is no pulse or strobe in the light output.



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