C.E.L. cool efficient lighting
by: RTG Design
C.E.L. LED grow lights deliver a constant source of the specific wavelengths or colors of light needed for plant growth. We have designed C.E.L. grow lights to produce directional photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) energy for plants while dissipating any additional heat through the reflector. C.E.L. grow lights are incredibly efficient and cool running. They are safe to use indoors and in enclosed spaces as they do not require an external cooling system to protect the electronics from excessive heat build up. C.E.L. LED grow lights are fully customizable as components are replaceable and designed to be upgraded as better LED technology becomes available. 
Plants use red and blue light to produce energy from photosynthesis. So plants are most sensitive to this color of light. Human eyes can see many colors but are most sensitive to green light. When sunlight hits a leaf; the red and blue light is absorbed by the plant cells to produce energy while the green light is reflected away. This makes the leaf visible to us and appear green. We can make a very efficient LED grow light by only producing the colors of light the plant needs to produce energy.

All C.E.L. grow lights feature:

full spectrum grow energy
Delivers all the light your plants need to grow as efficiently as possible. We don't waste energy generating colors of light your plants do not need to grow.
low heat / high output
C.E.L. is designed to be used in enclosed spaces. It is one of the coolest running LED lights in existence. You can therefore save money on air conditioning and ventilation by growing in a more natural environment.
silent running
C.E.L. can be run without a fan or external cooling. The reflector is designed to dissipate the heat. We added a fan to 3 C.E.L. to keep it extra cool and prolong LED life.
100,000 hour LED life
The LEDs we use in all our C.E.L. grow systems are rated at a minimum of 100,000 hours of use. Because of our super cool and efficient design most LEDs will last even longer than that.
solar ready
C.E.L. uses a 12 volt electrical system. This means C.E.L. is perfect for solar and off grid applications.
open design
C.E.L. is an open design which allows for users to build their own fixtures and customize their system from inception.
removable components
C.E.L. is the only professional LED grow system that features an upgradable fixture with removable components. This means your grow system will stay on the cutting edge of technology.
made in California
Each and every C.E.L. is hand built right here in our California workshop. We guarantee our work.
What's the difference with CEL grow lights?
Other LED grow lights are manufactured in the least expensive way possible then mass produced and stored in warehouses until the light is ordered. The technology designed and built into the grow light is therefore outdated and possibly obsolete by the time the light is put into use for the first time. LED grow lights that are assembled this way permanently connect all components so if one part fails the entire investment is ruined. C.E.L. LED grow lights are modularly designed which allows any part to be replaced or upgraded.
Most LED grow lights are monochromatic which means they only use one color of LED. Other dual or tri band LED grow lights have a very limited red and blue spectrum that is not natural for regular plant life. C.E.L. is a full spectrum LED grow light. This means that we give the plant all the colors it needs to grow.
Photosynthesis is the process a plant uses to make energy from water, carbon dioxide and light. C.E.L. grow lights provide a constant source of the light needed for photosynthesis. Other types of LED grow lights use pulse width modulation (PWM) to drive the LED emitter. This flashes the LED faster than the human eye can see which makes the LED appear brighter. However, we have shown much better results by providing smooth and constant illumination through our special direct drive system.