custom built LED lighting
by RTG
We design and build custom LED lights.
Many home growers have limitations on the size of their grow, location, and amount of power they can use. Some people however just want a ultra powerful LED grow light. We can build whatever kind of LED grow light you can dream up and make sure it's built to last.
Power your indoor grow with sunlight.
Our LED grow lights are so efficient they can even be powered directly with solar panels. If your looking for grow lights designed for off grid use then look no further. We have all kinds of low voltage timers and accessories to give you maximum control of your grow.
RTG makes all kinds of custom LED lights.
Grow lights are just part of what we do. Our shop has built all kinds of custom LED fixtures. We build stage lights, healing lights, and all kinds of things that use aluminum space frames and LEDs. We can even help design your entire grow system.
  • LED grow lights built to order
  • custom LED grow lights
  • all custom grow systems are made in California
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