1 C.E.L. features

1 C.E.L. grow light is perfect to supplement an existing system. The built in deep red "supercharger" will help any plants growth. 1 C.E.L. can also be used by itself in a small grow or for plants that do not require much light.

full spectrum PAR energy
1 C.E.L. delivers all the light your plants need to grow as efficiently as possible.
low heat
C.E.L. is designed to be used in enclosed spaces. It is one of the coolest running LED lights in existence. You can therefore save money on air conditioning and ventilation by growing in a more natural environment.
no cooling fans on board
1 C.E.L. is designed to be used without any external cooling methods. The heat is dissipated through the frame and reflector.
100,000 hour LED life
The LEDs we use in all our C.E.L. grow systems are rated at a minimum of 100,000 hours of use. Because of our super cool and efficient design most LEDs will last even longer than that.
solar ready
C.E.L. uses a 12 volt electrical system. This means C.E.L. is perfect for solar and off grid applications.
open design
C.E.L. is an open design which allows for users to build their own fixtures and customize their system from inception.
removable components
C.E.L. is the only professional LED grow system that features an upgradable fixture with removable components. This means your grow system will stay on the cutting edge of technology.
made in USA
Each and every C.E.L. is hand built right here in our California workshop. We guarantee our work.
28 watts
Super efficient design allows for low power consumption while still delivering full spectrum grow energy.