Grow your own with C.E.L.
Cool Efficient Lighting
After you decide on the layout of your space and the positioning of your Cool Efficient Light you will need to devote most of your attention to the immediate growing environment. Cool Efficient Lighting is designed to capitalize on the natural relationship between humans and plants. If you are comfortable in the growing environment then your plants will be comfortable in the environment given the right amount of light.
Pay attention to the directions on the products you use in your grow. Keep in mind plants need light, water, food, and air to grow. The purest ph balanced water available should be used in your grow. Fans are not necessary to cool the lights but they do help strengthen the stems and ruffle the leaves allowing light to penetrate deeper into the foliage. Try to keep the grow environment as natural as possible. Do not enclose your space unless it is necessary. The more space a plant has to grow the more it will flourish. Simpler is better, especially if it is your first attempt to grow under artificial light.